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Dante Malan is a Los Angeles based company started by designer Alta Malan. She was born of Afrikaans decent in Cape Town, South Africa. After design school she trained at Foschini, a famous design house in South Africa, for 2 years before moving to America.


Dante Malan is a knitwear line designed for sophisticated, sexy, casual career women. Classic silhouettes in superior knit fabrics with utmost focus on fit, style and quality. All garments are made in Los Angeles, CA, USA with pride to keep our garment industry alive. Art, color, shapes and music influences, as much as pulse on new trends, is what inspires the designer. Color, color, color direction is what buyers look to us for. Women love color; it brightens their spirit. 


Alta loves that she can design what her friends, and Courtney Dee (her daughter) and her daughter's friends can wear. She tries to design clothing that is classic, season-less, and ageless.

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